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Maximum performance, most innovative technology, maximum comfort are the most important features of the Lahoux Spotter Elite 50V. With its 50 mm lens, the 640 x 480 pixel detector and a pixel pitch of 12μm you will not miss any game even at the greatest distances. Through the integrated WiFi function and an Android or IOS app, up to a distance of 50 meters, it is possible to view live images or transmit fotos or video. With a 50 Hz frame rate, you will have an absolutely smooth image and the four viewing modes (white hot, black hot, red hot and pseudo colours ensure a perfect image reproduction.

Comes standard with the following accessories:

Carrying bag, Lens cloth, User manual, Luxury Carrying strap, USB Cable with AC-adapter, Videocable.


  • Intuitive one-hand operation
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Can be used day or night
  • Large operating temperature range
  • User-friendly operation
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • High frame rate of 50 Hz
  • Digital magnification
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery


  • 640 × 480

    Resolutie VOx uncooled FPA

  • 12 µm

    Pixel pitch

  • 8-14 µm

    Spectral range

  • < 50 mK

    Sensitivity (NETD)

  • 50 Hz

    Frame rate


  • 50 mm


  • 2×, 4×

    Magnification (digital)

  • Adjustment with rotary knob

    Eye relief


  • wifi

    Video output

  • For charging, can be charged by USB powerbank


  • Video / photo transmission (8GB internal) by WiFi in combination with special app

    Image transmission

  • 1280 × 960

    Display FLCOS


  • −20°C to +50°C

    Temperature range

  • Internal lithium-ion battery

    Power supply

  • 3.5 hours (at 21°C, wifi switched on) * - 6.5 hours (at 21°C, wifi switched off) *

    Battery life

  • IP67


  • 202×65×64 mm


  • 0,52 kg


Lahoux spotter Elite 50V

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